Irrawaddy Princess

Irrawaddy Princess II is a traditional Myanmar cruiser running along the mysterious Irrawaddy River. Built in 1998 and measure 134′ x 34′ x 6’6” molded depth with three decks, the ship is really a lavish Irawaddy Cruises‘ hotel floating on the Burma’s river. Board the Irrawaddy Princess on any of her weekly adventure in two famous attractions in Myanmar which are Mandalay and Bagan, and enjoy the most astonishing travel experiences on the legendary Irrawaddy River.

Technical Data
Length 131 Feet 5 inches (40) Meter
Beam 34 Feet 10 inches (10.62) Meter
Design Draft 3 Feet 6 inches (1) Meter
Deck 3
Diesel Engine 2x 178 HP, Mitsubishi ? 8 DC 9
  178 HP Mitsubishi ? 6 D 22
Design Speed 10 Knots
Max Upriver Speed 6 Nautical Miles Per Hour (Dry Season)
Max Downriver Speed 10 Nautical Miles Per Hour (Dry Season)
Navigation Navigation Lights, Ship Horn
Communication CDMA Phone, VHF Radio
Generators 2×45 Kva + 2×20 Kva for emergency
Fire Protections Fire Extinguishers, Fire Hose Cabinets, Fire Hydrant, Fire Pump
Safety Life Jackets, Life Raft, Life Boat
Crew 22
Passengers 40
Cabins 20 With Private Bathroom and shower
  – 2 Suite (Sun Deck): 30 SQ.MT / 320 SQ.FT
  – Upper Deck : 10 Superior (Twins) * 19 SQ MT / 205 SQ FT & 18 SQ MT / 200 SQ FT
  – Main Deck: 8 Standard (Twins) * 20 SQ MT / 215 SQ FT & 18 SQ MT / 200 SQ FT
  Lounge & Bar on the Sundeck/ Solarium (Capacity: 16 Seats)
First Deck
Second Deck
Third Deck

All reservation and confirmation of availability by Yangon office.

Children Policy

Infants below the age of 4 years may sleep in their parent’s cabin without extra but the company cannot guarantee the availability of a cot. Children up to 12 years must occupy a berth and pay 50% of the adult rate if sharing the same cabins. Full rate applied if staying in a different cabin.

Tour leader

For booking of 8 + cabins: FOC accommodation in the officer accommodation on certain ships and according to availability.

Local tour Guides

We provide English Speaking Guide on boat. Guide is subject to availability.

Local guide will be charged USD 70 per person for Booking up to 4 cabins.

For booking of 4 + cabins, FOC accommodation in Half twin shared room provided according to availability.

Booking Policies & Payment Terms

We can hold your request of cabins. To confirm the booking we require the payment of a deposit within the option expiration date.

Deposit Terms
  • Booking (up to 7 cabins) 30 % deposit is required upon confirmation of the booking.
  • If payment is not received after (14) days of confirmation, your booking will be automatically cancelled.
  • (Refundable if the booking is cancelled within the cancellation terms).
  • Bookings (8 to 20 cabins) 30 % deposit is required upon confirmation of the booking and is not refundable.
Final Balance Terms

Final balances must be paid 31 days before departure or the booking may be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

Cancellation Terms

For cancellations of bookings, the following charges will apply:

Bookings (Up to 4 Cabins)
  • Up to 71 days prior to departure : no cancellation fee
  • From 70 - 56 days prior to departure : 30% of the cancelled cabins amount
  • From 55 - 29 days prior to departure : 50% of the cancelled cabins amount
  • From 28 - 15 days prior to departure : 80 % of the cancelled cabins amount
  • 14 days or less : 100% of the cancelled cabins amount
Bookings (5 to 20 Cabins)
  • Up to 91 days prior to departure : no cancellation fee
  • From 90 - 61 days prior to departure : 30 % of the cancelled cabins amount
  • From 60 - 31 days prior to departure : 50 % of the cancelled cabins amount
  • From 30 - 15 days prior to departure : 80 % of the cancelled cabins amount
  • 14 days or less : 100% of the cancelled cabins amount
  • A reduction of 2 cabins is allowed within 71 days before departure with no cancellation fee.
Important notes
  • Partial reduction of rooms or change of departure date is deemed as cancellation and the above charges may be applied.
  • Unless otherwise agreed 2 or more bookings of the same agent on same dates and same cruises are considered a unique booking resulting by the combination of each.
Charter Payment terms and Conditions
  • 30 % of the total charter amount is required upon confirmation of any bookings.
  • Final Balance of the total charter amount due 30 days prior to departure.
  • All charter payments are non refundable in event of cancellation by charterer.
  • All charter rates include fuel, pilots, gratuities to crew, main meals, coffee, tea and local mineral water of the cruise, A maximum of two guides and two coaches per charter as required depending on numbers
  • All charter rates exclude pre and post cruise transfers, port dues, flights, hotels and other ground handling; laundry, beverages, wines and imported alcoholic beverages, important mineral waters.
  • There are no special terms of payment for charters and the standard published bookings conditions and terms and conditions apply.
Booking Conditions
  • Though every effort will be made to ensure that the published itinerary is followed as closely as possible, given uncertain river and other local conditions, all schedules and itineraries may be subject to alterations and delays at short notice.
  • The ship?s purser and captain are jointly responsible for passengers? comfort and safely. Passengers must accept their decisions and instructions.
  • Whilst our crew do everything in their power to facilitate landings, access to the ship at certain river stations can be difficult, with steep and sometimes slippery river banks. Elderly passengers should consult their doctor to ensure that they are fit for travel. Wheel chairs are not allowed.
  • In the case of water levels being too high or low or defects to the vessel beyond the control of the company an alternative itinerary will be offered to passengers after consultation between the ship?s captain and the company?s management, subject to accommodation and meals being maintained on board the vessel unless by prior agreement with the passenger.
  • Should it prove difficult to embark or disembark passengers at the scheduled points the company are not liable to bear any extra cost of transporting passengers to and from the revised point of embarkation or disembarkation unless passengers or their agents have purchased a complete package tour which includes land services from us. Any reason for changing the points of embarkation or disembarkation cannot count as a reason for cancelling this contract.
  • Passengers should seek advice from their doctor regarding relevant inoculations and prophylactics for travel to these countries.
  • Passengers must be fully insured to cover any risk of medical expenses and repatriation (which includes repatriation of remains) and the company is in no way responsible for such liabilities. Passengers must settle before departure any medical bills incurred whilst on a company ship for doctor?s attendance, drugs supplied, and any other medical facilities provided by the company for the passenger.
  • The company accepts no liability or responsibility for loss or damage to passenger?s property whilst on board a company vessel or whilst in transit to and from the vessel. Passengers are required to have taken out a valid travel insurance policy to cover any such claims.
  • During the river stops on the company provide an guide service in the English language. Foreign language guides must be pre booked and there may be extra charges for this. Personal guides must be booked at normal rates in passenger accommodation.
  • The company reserve the right to refuse to allow anyone on board if a ticket cannot be produced and the company cannot guarantee the exact allocation of cabins and deck location which may in the event of extenuating circumstances differ from the cabin number indicated on the ticket.
  • Within the ticket price fuel costs have been calculated on average price as of the publication of this document. Should fuel prices rise by more than 10 % the company will be entitled to impose a fuel supplement equivalent to the amount by which the fuel price exceeds the price allowed for in the contract.


  • It is not permitted to allow any breed of animal on board.
  • Infants below the age of 4 years may sleep in their parent?s cabin without extra charge but the company cannot guarantee the availability of a cot. Children up to 12 years must solely occupy a berth the pay 50% off the adult rate if sharing the same cabins. Full rate applied if staying in a different cabin.
  • In the event of a dispute the law of the country in which the vessel is operation will apply.


  • Passengers and their agents must abide these terms and the company reserves the right to either cancel an existing reservation or to refuse passage in the event that these terms have not been adhered to.
  • For cruise departures where occupancy is less than 8 cabins the company reserve the right to cancel the departure giving all passengers with confirmed bookings 30 days prior notice of this intention. An alternative departure date will be offered subject to availability. If this alternative date is not acceptable to the passenger any down payment made for the cancelled cruise will be refunded. In the event that a passenger has cancelled and paid cancellation fees and the Company subsequently cancels that departure then any cancellation fees ( and down payment) will be refunded in full on the request of the passenger.
  • Force Majeure: in the case of circumstances beyond normal control, such as war, civil or political unrest, strikes, catastrophe, epidemic or disruption to fuel supplies for the vessel, the Company may cancel the cruise and there will be a full refund of all monies paid by the passenger. In the event of a cruise being cancelled as a result of the above force majeure situations following the commencement of that cruise period then monies will not be refunded.
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