About us

Who we are?

Our Cruises are locally owned and operated business in Myanmar.

We know how important your cruise is to you. You will find that we have close and warm relationships with key personnel at all our clients. We are extremely knowledgeable about the details that make all the difference between a good trip and an unbelievable one; and that we genuinely love what we do. Our Teams would be delighted to become your cruise travel resource, creating and customizing your perfect cruise.

Our team will be responsible for ensuring that all service standards are met or exceeded where we serve as to top-level clients and corporations.

We are always here to listen to your concerns or feedback. Don’t hesitate to communicate with us directly about any of your needs. We wish you wonderful vacation experiences in our beautiful Cruises.

Our Vision

We must see ourselves as a passionate professional in Service Industries, with accountability and reliability, using our vibrant energy to enable and inspire our Guests and Customers to enjoy our Value Added Products and Service with Comfort and Convenience in Complete for the value of discovering the truths out of their interest by experiencing and understanding about the diversity of cultural relationship in between for better value.

There is always a sense of certainty and purpose to every business we design, not only for the pleasure upon the immediate results but the imprinted memory for the Guests and Customer to recall and live on the satisfaction for their lifetime.

All Our Products and Our Service is designed to fill the gaps between Customers’ demand and Viability of Nature and the Competency we have must be reckoned with recommendation to many more Guests and Customers to come!

Our Mission

To organize the Variety of Viable Natural Resources of Myanmar through our Commitment and Challenges and we add the value with our Profession for the Guests and Customers to enjoy with their Comfort, Convenience, as a Complete Product or Service that they paid for with Confidence and Trust upon Us.

Tint Tint Lwin

Chairman /CEO

[email protected] Htut Oo Yoon

Vice Chairman